Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday at Duside Hospital with the CSI Team!!


Today's surgeries are over and it was a super successful day. Everyone worked
very hard.

Shown here are pediatric patients who weren't CSI patients,but who love the
Gander Mountain muskie hats and the tv and videos donated by CSI.

Also shown is our patient Othello, a 22 year old young man who has been unable to continue his education because of a huge tumor that grew on the side of his face. He was mocked mercilessly by his schoolmates. Shown here is Othello looking at himself  in the mirror for the first time after surgery.

This girl became pregnant at age 14 and is now 15. Her mouth was burned by drinking  a poisonous liquid. Here she is shown with her 10 month old baby who is lying waiting  for her mother to get better.

Shown here is the wonderful Amy working in Post-Op tending to a woman who had a huge tumor on the front of her face which had literally taken over her entire face. It had distorted
her face completely. Dr. Eric Moore did an amazing job removing the tumor.

Dr. Dave Tetzlaff coordinated the donation of 300 pairs of shoes from Soles 4 Souls.

CSI Partner Michael Silvio and happy patients. Special thank you to Dollies Making a Difference for their donation of dollies and bears.

Poster that advertises our mission

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