Friday, November 15, 2013

Final Day - Liberia 2013

So sad to leave our friends at Duside Hospital and Firestone Guest house.
A  quick goodye and discharging of patients followed by a wonderful send off
ceremony at the hospital.
Lora Koppel, Dave Tetzlaff and Lynn Randall left early to conduct a site visit in
Port Harcourt, Nigeria for CSI.

More summary later about the 116 patients we screened and 98 surgeries. For now,
a few parting shots....

Margaret Boone, Nolan Morice, Dan Chow
and Jill Turner boarding the bus

Our team at the final program at the hospital.
The hospital gave us some colorful aprons.

Janelle Fox taking a picture of Dave Vandersteen

Patience, our fabulous ward nurse

Paul Melchert presenting one of fifteen stethoscopes donated by
3M. Con Nguyen, a 3M employee secured the donation.

Dr. Sherman receiving a stethoscope from Dr. Dave Andrews.

Wonderful Ed Garcia and his wife Marissa.
Both fabulous Firestone employees!!

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