Monday, September 12, 2016

Screening Day Completed - Surgery Schedule Set for the Week

Screening day is complete and the surgery schedule is full for the week! This is the time to meet prospective children for evaluation, review medical records, and assess the children's current health status and readiness for surgery. As the photos show, the CSI team is partnering with IPSAC and local Vietnamese surgical and medical staff to make the most of our time onsite.

The surgical focus for the week is urological, with an educational focus on evaluating and implementing ways to improve surgical outcomes with a multidisciplinary approach.

The children couldn't be sweeter, and proud families anxiously await life-changing surgeries. More later.....
Ashley Chitty, RN bonding with a sweet patient

The team is greeted by many happy families.

Dr. David Vandersteen, Pediatric Urologist 

CSI team, IPSAC, Vietnamese staff and Interpreters preparing for the first day.

Thank goodness for interpreters!!

Dr. Jesse Hennum, Pediatrician 

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