Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Last Day of Surgery

We had a very good day of surgeries yesterday. The kids kept Dr. Pablo very busy with a little bit of low blood pressure here, a little fever there, a little wheezing down the hall, but Pablo, the CSI nurses, and the wonderful CIMA Hospital nursing staff took great care them all and by sunrise you would never have known there was a problem! The families are so grateful, and even the kids seem to leave with a look that the are happy to have stopped by...or maybe they're just happy to be hightailing it out of here before we decide to do something else!

Today is our last day of surgeries. We are doing mostly rhinoplasties. These are older kids who have had several lip and palate surgeries already who really benefit from getting a reconstruction of their nose to give it a more typical look. Teenagers worry about every detail of their appearance, so most of us can only imagine how hopeful they are about getting to be better looking--they are all beautiful already inside and out but we glad to boost their confidence a little!!

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