Monday, October 7, 2013

Dollies Making A Difference in MX

Our team was busy in surgery again today. Here are some pictures of some of our patients and also our team. The dollies were donated by a wonderful group of women in California called Dollies Making a Difference. The team departs Tuesday morning around 11a. Another successful mission! We are looking forward to our 10th mission next year. A special thanks to St Andrew's Childrens' Clinic and the staff and volunteers at CIMA Hospital for making the mission such a success.

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  1. Hi my name is Marlene. My baby girl had her surgery on Sunday 07 2013.. And I wanna say thank you to you all for giving your time and money to support this wonderful cause.. I dont no how to thank you enough.. Thanks to all these wonderful people I can now see that beautiful smile my baby always meant to have.. Thanks to all on behalf of my husband and I and all the family's that can now see a new smile on their baby's face..
    God bless you all.