Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bangladesh 2013 - Surgery Day 3

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Surgery - Day 3

We woke up bright and early this morning, and found ourselves in the Nationwide section of the Rangpur newspaper!
CSI Team Members pictured in the Rangpur newspaper from our screening day on Saturday during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Then we were off to the hospital to begin our day.  All week we have been working on the 5th floor of the Rangpur Community Medical College Hospical, where we were able to have pre-op, two OR rooms, storage, post-op, PACU, and the ward all in one area for our convenience.
A view from the RCMC Hospital roof of where we were working (the third row of windows from the ground).

Washed surgical gloves drying on the rooftop.

As our day began, Nurse Dody continued her CPR class for the local nurses and staff, who completed their training.
Nurse Dody and her nursing students after completing CPR training this morning.

Dr. Tim, Dr. Andrew, and Dr. Raj continued surgeries today, completing 7 operations including a mix of cleft lips, palates, and one facial cleft. Everyone was excited as local surgeons began successfully performing surgeries of their own.
Dr. Tim teaches and assists a local surgeon through a cleft palate surgery.
A surgical team approach to a facial cleft operation.
This little piggy...

Dr. Raj and Dr. Tim enjoying some tunes.

A surgery never went without a full team of scrub nurses, OR nurses, and other staff excited to learn.

On the ward, the floor nurses and pediatricians held a discharge meeting with all of the parents of the children ready to head home. They answered questions and addressed any concerns the parents had, and also explained medications and proper home care to ensure the comfort of the kids.
Aliza, Dr. Jesse, Dr. Saira, Nurse Norie, and Nurse Heather meeting with the parents.
Ready to go home!

There's no one like mom.

A fathers love for his daughter.

Excited to go home with new toys.
Exhausted from a long day, we returned from the hospital, had a delicious dinner, and fell quickly asleep.


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