Friday, October 12, 2012

Day Three Hermosillo 2012

Today, Monday is our second day of surgery and we have 16 scheduled.  This is the first trip to Hermosillo where bone grafts are being performed by Dr. Dan Sampson of Minneapolis.  These surgeries average about 3 hours in duration.  Dr. Sampson did 4 bone grafts yesterday and 4 today.  Because of their complexity and the need of patients to remain overnight in the hospital, he will not do bone graft surgery on Tuesday, but rather assist Drs. Grischkan and Fritz as needed in OR #1.

We have terrific support in every aspect of this mission due to all the volunteers from St. Andrew's Clinic and CIMA, which includes nurses too who are here on their days off!  They also provide us with  delicious Mexican food for lunch and breaks.

Dr. Mike Fritz setting up lip repair surgery

Drs. Dan Sampson, Jon Grischkan of CSI and Dr. Moreno of Hermosillo

These two little guys became buddies at the hotel as they were roommates and just happened to be in pre-op together due to moving one of them up on the schedule!  They were also in surgery at the same time and in the same OR too, as well as recovery together!  They were checking each others heart prior to surgery and were having a great time playing the role of doctors while waiting.

CRNA Corrina Kettner and little patient on the way to surgery

CRNA Mitch Chermack and his patient on the way to surgery

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